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Image by Nong Vang

Markus's Story

Markus Bohlmann, PhD, has encountered Mindfulness and Fogo Sagrado to foster his well-being and self-love. He has now made it his mission to guide others who wish to love themselves up and live a life of purpose. Markus is here to help you make the best out of your life.

Markus grew up in a small town where gay people did not exist or were not visible. For years, he struggled with his sexuality and with self-hatred until he encountered mindfulness and Fogo Sagrado as effective tools that transformed his life. Join Markus to de-colonialize homophobia from your own mindset, all the patterns of self-hatred and self-denial that you have internalized. "It is not our fault, but our responsibility," says Paul Gilbert, Self-Compassion researcher. We are invited not to blame ourselves for it, but to change it. And change happens from the inside/out, so the journey starts from within. Would you like to walk with Markus?

Markus speaks German and English.

Zen Stones

Markus's Approach

Whether you work individually with Markus or in a group, Markus's mission is to create a safe and brave space where everybody is welcome. Markus listens to you and walks the first steps with you, gently guiding you on your own path towards self-determination and mastery.

Markus is happy to share his story and life experiences, as well as the tools and practices that have helped him tap into his own potential.

Markus ignites your flame of self-determination and resilience so that you may live a life apart from dependencies and based on your own terms. Markus's ambition is to empower you so that you may stand in your own power! Strong and unyielding! So that you may live from a place of love and wholeness and deep interconnectedness.

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