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Fogo Sagrado

Fogo Sagrado is Portugese for "Sacred Fire." It is an indigenous practice that stems from tribes in the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil and helps us to expand our consciousness and to bring about a transformation.

How did Fogo Sagrado come to us?

There once was a pharmacist in Rio de Janeiro, Aloysio Nascimento, who wanted to learn more about the properties of plants. He decided to learn from the tribes in the Amazon Rain Forest and ended up living with these tribes for fifteen years. During this time, he observed a practice that did not use plants but worked on an energetic level. It is a practice that worked with a higher consciousness to discover the underlying causes of a tribe's member problem and to bring about a transformation. This practice was performed by the tribes' Shaman and Medicine Man. Aloysio was trained in the practice by these shamans and medicine men, and then received the tribes' permission to bring this practice to our world. The practice is now called Fogo Sagrado.

Fogo Sagrado is helps us to

  • transform energetic imbalances pertaining to a problem

  • expand our consciousness and perception

  • drop into our heart energy

  • find inner peace and calm

  • live in the present moment with joy

  • gain direction in our life

  • activate our own inner resources

  • gain trust and belief in ourselves and in life (which is us)

  • embrace and live from a place of wholeness

There are 4 phases to a Fogo Sagrado session. Phase 1 reads the imbalance in the energetic field of the person through an expression of images. Here, insights are already gained. In Phase 2, the Fogo Sagrado practitioner expresses the person's imbalanced energies through gestures, images, words and brings them into a balanced state with the help of Fogo Sagrado Light Beings. Those imbalances could be childhood conflicts, stubborn patterns in which the person is stuck. In Phase 3 those energies are transformed and a new energy body is received by the practitioner along with a name, which is called Mantra. Phase 4 is the transfer of the new energy body into the energy field of the person, who is now able to activate this new energy body by speaking the Mantra. A Fogo Sagrado session brings about two things: more awareness/consciousness and energetic transformation.

 Monica Oliveira, with whom Aloysio adapted Fogo Sagrado for our world, talks about Fogo Sagrado here.

To this day, indigenous people join Monica Oliveira in her center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to practice Fogo Sagrado together.

A session takes about 1-1.5 hours and since it is energy work, it can be done in person or via distance. It works for people, animals, cities, houses, etc...

Interested? Feel free to reach out about Fogo Sagrado and to see if Fogo Sagrado is for you.

Fire Performance
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