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Mindfulness and Fogo Sagrado

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Do you stuck and spinning in circles? Mindfulness and Fogo Sagrado go hand in hand. But how?

Fogo Sagrado means "Holy Fire" and is an energy-alignment practice from Brazil. Its philosophy is that we go through life and accumulate positive and negative experiences. They stay with us in the form of energy bodies. You can think of this as follows: a great Christmas present = positive energy body; an awful Christmas present = negative energy body.

When we accumulate more negative energy bodies than positive ones, things become imbalanced. This imbalance shows as an inner conflict or problem. You may feel you are experiencing the same thing over and over again. It may feel like Groundhog Day. You quit your job and soon you find yourself with the same kind of boss; you leave your relationship and you end up with the same kind of partner, the same kind of friends…

Fogo Sagrado balances this imbalance. It provides you with insights into why you had this problem, and connections become evident that you had not even thought of. Fogo Sagrado goes to the root of your problem and often reveals insights you could not have expected.

Fogo Sagrado is a spiritual practice with Shamanic origins and works in alignment with a higher intelligence. Fogo Sagrado is not spiritual bypassing or avoidance of life experience; on the contrary, it is a re-alignment, balancing and transformation of energies, which helps you live your life in a wholesome way.

Fogo Sagrado provides insights and transformation. Yet you still need to mindful as to what is happening in your life after a Fogo Sagrado session. You need to adopt self-responsibility. This is where mindfulness and self-compassion come into play.

Both Fogo Sagrado and Mindfulness build awareness, expand consciousness, and are heart-centred practices. Both go hand in hand.

A Fogo Sagrado session is like a fast-track into an issue (a session lasts about 1-1.5 hours) and the session is done for you. You as a participant only observe the session. Fogo Sagrado is highly individualized work, works with a higher consciousness, and reaches into deep-seated issues that you may not be able to reach otherwise.

Interested in Fogo Sagrado? Feel free to reach out!

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